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ProCycle 440cc High Compression Big Bore Kit w/ Stage 3 Camshaft


ProCycle 440cc BIG BORE 89mm KIT 1 With Cam. Complete kit with 12.5:1 Wiseco piston (with rings, pin & clips), big bore cylinder sleeve, HotCams stage 3 camshaft and top end gasket set. You will have to have the larger sleeve installed in your cylinder.


ProCycle 425cc Big Bore Kit w/ Camshaft

XR400 '96-'04

ProCycle 425cc BIG BORE 88mm KIT With Cam Complete kit with 11:1 Wiseco piston (with rings, pin & clips), HotCams stage 1 performance camshaft and gaskets. No re-sleeving required. You will have to have your cylinder bored to fit the larger piston.


HotCams Performance Camshaft

XR400 all & XR250R 96-04
  • Stage 1: Excellent mid-range and top-end power
  • Stage 2: More mid-range and top-end power, for big-bore & stroker applications
  • Stage 3: Recommended only for big-bore stroker applications only


XR Spark Plug Socket

Designed to reach way down in there to get the spark plug out of your XR. Normal sockets won't work in this case. It has to be very slim to fit down the narrow hole. This is a high quality socket from Motion Pro. Can be turned by 3/8 ratchet, 13/16 hex wrench or a screwdriver through the 8.5mm hole.


ProCycle 440cc Big Bore Kit w/ Camshaft

XR400 all

ProCycle 440cc BIG BORE 89mm KIT 2 With Cam Complete kit with 11:1 Wiseco piston (with rings, pin & clips), big bore cylinder sleeve, HotCams stage 3 camshaft and top end gasket set. You will have to have the larger sleeve installed in your cylinder.


ProCycle 285cc Big Bore Kit w/ Camshaft

XR250R '96-'04

285cc big bore kit includes Wiseco piston (with rings, pin & clips), HotCams stage 1 camshaft and complete top end gasket set. This is a great combination and a big 'bang for the buck' performance increase. No re-sleeving required. You will have to have your cylinder bored to fit the larger piston.

"EBC Clutch Kit

  • Complete set of friction plates, steel plates, and springs
  • Heavy-duty springs help prevent clutch slip
  • Restores proper stack height, fixes clutch slip caused by wear and tear


Hi-Flo Oil Filter Value 10-Pack

XR400 all & XR250R '96-'04

Providing unbeatable performance and exceptional value, Hiflofiltro is the best-selling brand of aftermarket filters for motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs worldwide. The filters are also supplied to original equipment manufacturers as well as private label brands.

You pay $3.40 per filter with our value 10-pack!


Magnetic Drain Plug

XR400 all & XR250R 96-04

Extra protection for your motor! Strong magnet at the end of the plug picks up metallic flakes in your oil, protecting your engine!

Fuel Systems

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Factory Pro Jet Kit

XR400R '96-'04

Designed for use with stock engines using either stock or aftermarket exhaust and air filters.

  • Provides a simple and affordable solution to carburetor tuning problems
  • Allows you to tune your bike for increased power and smoothness while retaining fuel economy
  • Includes a guide booklet on how to install and use your jet kit to it's full potential
Choose Type:

Small Fuel Filters - 90 Degree or straight

click to enlarge fuel filterx
The small size and right angle hose barbs make it easier to fit into the small space between your fuel petcock and carburetor. Filter body is only 7/8" diameter. Straight filter is 2" long, 90 degree filter is only 1 5/8" long.


TM36 Pumper Carburetor Kit

XR400R '96-'04
XR400 Mikuni TM36 pumper carburetor
Better throttle response. More power over a much wider range. Kit includes pre-jetted Mikuni TM36 Pumper carb and push/pull throttle cables. Everything is included to mount this carb to your bike. Well suited for stock to mildly modified motors 
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K&N Air Filter

  • Increased air flow over the stock air filter
  • Designed to increase horsepower and throttle response
  • Designed to fit inside the factory air box
  • Larger surface area over foam filters which offers longer service intervals in dusty conditions
  • Four layers of premium cotton gauze provides outstanding filtration
  • Washable & re-usable, never wears out
  • One filter will last the lifetime of your bike


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FMF Q4 Muffler

  • The Q4 employs intricate chambers, baffles and proprietary multistage packing material making it the best performing quiet muffler available
  • Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and high strength stainless steel
  • Sound output rated at 96dB; most models below 93dB


New! 071015

DG Performance V2 Slip-on

'96-'04 (Made in USA)

The V2 Series Slip-On muffler features an aluminum body, TIG welded components, stainless steel inlet tube and a great new look. This Lightweight Slip-On weighs approximately 5.5 lbs.

The DG Performance systems offer increased throttle response, power and torque. Standard sound level is approximately 98 db. Equipped with a US Forestry approved spark arrestor.

Body & Frame

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IMS Super Stock Footpegs

XR400 all & XR250R 96-04

Wider footpegs for sure-footed comfort. Cast stainless steel.


Devol Lowering Link

XR400 all & XR250R 96-04

Lowers rear suspension approximately 1 inch.

Choose Color:


Clarke 3.8 Gallon Gas Tank

(Made in USA)XR400 all & XR250R 96-04

Increases fuel capacity for longer range than stock. All necessary hardware is included.

  • Fuel tank orders ship Parcel Post (6-10 business days) within the US.  Why?


Pro-Moto Billet Rack

XR400 all & XR250R 96-04

A high quality rack for the XR250R and XR400R. CNC milled from billet aluminum. Strong, light and good looking.

Need to mount your turn signals to your new Pro Moto Billet Rack? Just add a set of CNC machined aluminum Turn Signal Brackets for $15.95 and that will be no problem. See bottom image.

Choose Bike:


Aluminum Skid Plate

XR400 all & XR250R 96-04
  • Made from strong and lightweight aircraft aluminum
  • Protects vital engine parts from rocks and debris
  • Custom fit to your specific bike model
  • Oil drain hole for easy access
  • All mounting hardware included


Footpeg Extensions

Weld-on footpeg extensions to make footpegs 1/2" wider and longer.


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Add Tires:
(includes free tubes, mount, & balance)


ProCycle Supermoto 17" Wheel Set


Complete set of supermoto wheels. We custom build our wheels to fit your bike!

Unlike other supermoto wheels that use aftermarket hubs, our supermoto wheels are built on OEM hubs for maximum compatibility with your bike!
Stock hubs allow you to use the rotors and sprockets built for your bike instead of expensive and difficult to obtain parts for aftermarket hubs.

Our Supermoto wheels are carefully laced and trued to provide you with a solid, high-quality wheel.
We use high quality Excel rims and Buchanan's heavy gauge spokes and heavy-duty nipples. All bearings and seals come pre-installed.

  • New OEM hubs
  • Excel 3.5"x17" front rim, clear-anodized aluminum
  • Excel 4.25"x17" rear rim, clear-anodized aluminum
  • Buchanan's stainless steel heavy gauge spokes
  • Buchanan's heavy-duty zinc-plated nipples
  • Bearings and seals pre-installed

! All our wheels are custom built to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Once ordered, custom wheels, rims or spokes cannot be cancelled or returned..


Warp 9 Valve Stem Puller Tool

This ultra-cool little tool is used to pull the valve stem through the hole on motorcycle rims saving your finger tips when changing tires, fixing flats or any time the tube has to come out of the rim. It threads inside the valve stem making it easier to pull through the rim hole. You can use it as a valve stem puller, valve core removal tool or a tire deflator.

Handle is CNC machined and has a threaded hole in each end, one to hold and protect the threaded end of the tool and one for a spare valve core (not included). Anodized blue for good looks and corrosion resistance.


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EBC 320mm Supermoto Front Brake Rotor

XR400 all & XR250R 96-04
  • High friction 320mm steel rotors for greater stopping power over stock rotors
  • Includes a caliper relocation bracket
  • Designed to fit standard hubs


Steel-Braided Front Brake Line

XR400 all & XR250R 96-04

Steel braided brake lines provide better braking power over stock, and greater water resistance. High quality stainless steel braided hose.

Choose Type:

EBC Brake Pads

XR400 all & XR250R 96-04
  • Sintered Pads are best for regular riding. Long life, and good performance in all conditions
  • Sport Carbon pads are made for fast riding in dry conditions. Not recommended for mud, water, or sand
  • Race Sintered are designed for racing use


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Vapor Speedometer/Tachometer

XR400 all & XR250R 96-04
  • Current Speed
  • Maximum Speed
  • Selectable MPH/KMH Display
  • Real-Time RPM Bar Graph
  • Numeric RPM Readout
  • Dual Programmable Shift Lights
  • Up to 20,000 RPM
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Engine Temperature (air cooled sensor included)
  • Dual Programmable Temp Lights
  • Hour Meter, Stop Watch, Ride Time, Accumulated Ride Time, Permanent Hour Meter
  • Adjustable Distance, Permanent Odometer, Selectable Mile/Kilometer Display
Power Input:
  • Includes Power Connection Fits All Machines, Accepts Any Power Input - AC/DC, Auto Switch to Internal Power if External is Removed, Permanent Memory Guarantees Data is Never Lost
Value Added:
  • Custom Designed for Exact Model Fit, All Parts Included to Complete Installation, One Year Warranty, Unlimited Free Trail Tech Phone and Email Support, Waterproof Connections, Bright White Backlit LCD Display

Click here to read a 'Ride Review' on the Vapor


Helmet Lok

Small and compact enough to fit in your pocket, jacket or on our belt loop, HelmetLok is designed to lock your helmet to any bike using the handlebar or frame as an anchor point.

Don’t be weighed down carrying your helmet around anymore. Just use the simple to operate, carabineer-style HelmetLok and you can secure your helmet using the convenient outward opening mechanism. The combination can be reset to the number of your choice. Enjoy the security and freedom of HelmetLok.


BBR Billet Gas Cap

XR200-650 '88-'04
  • Billet machined aluminum gas cap with gold anodized breather
  • Large grip area for easy spin on/off


Trail Tech Vapor Dashboard

  • Optional plastic dashboard with indicator lights protects the computer and places it in an optimum viewing position.
  • Included mounting bracket installs easily to triple clamp of most motorcycles.
  • Includes an assortment of indicator light lenses allowing customization to fit your needs.


Lighting Stator - High Output

XR400R '96-'05
  • Separate circuits for lighting and ignition
  • Two output circuits (100w & 50w)
  • Fits under the stock flywheel with no modification
  • Replaces the stock OEM stator


W.E.R. Steering Damper

XR400 all & XR250R 96-04

Take back control of your bike! Reduces front wheel deflection making your offroad ride more comfortable and controllable.

  • Delivers normal damping 25° right and left from center then fades to no damping
  • Returning to center there is no damping which improves handling unlike many other brands
  • Please allow 10 days for delivery


Repair Manual

XR250R '86-'03 / XR250L '91-'96 / XR400R '96-'03
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